Meet Us

The University of Arizona Mock Trial team, competing nationally since 2002, is an institution focused on improving speaking and critical thinking skills through a simulated court environment. As a program familiar with national-caliber competition, we pride ourselves on a refined understanding of the Rules of Evidence and our ability to argue a clear, coherent case.


The E-Board

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Breann Henry


Breann Henry is a sophomore at the University of Arizona Honors College majoring in Political Science and Law with a minor in French. Even though Mock Trial tends to overtake her life and she's almost always at the law school, she also enjoys discovering cute brunch spots, finding new coffee shops, and drinking way too much caffeine.


Vincent Bai

Vice President

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Celyn Jacobs


Celyn is going into his sophomore year at the UA and plans on majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He intends to go to law school after he graduates, but is still figuring out the kind of law he wants to practice. When not competing in mock, Celyn practices mock. When not practicing mock, Celyn coaches mock. On those rare occasions when Celyn isn’t doing something mock-related, he’s either eating, homeworking, or cuddling animals.

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Heather Newberry

Tournament Director

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Rahul Jayaraman



The General Membership


Our members are a highly diverse group of individuals with a wide variety of majors and interests, but they all have mock trial in common. Read below to find out what they have to balance while competing across the country. 

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Zachary Alvarez

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Haley Bender

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Rakel Bergland

Alexandre DuBroy

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Claudia Drace

Claudia is a second year mocker who lives a double life. You can find her spending her Saturdays at her 8:00 AM rugby where she puts her physical toughness to the test, and the she has to speed over to the law school for her 10:00 AM practice where she spends the rest of her day testing her mental toughness. In other words, she’s one sleepy gal.

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Caleb Files

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Adrian Ford

Adrian Ford is alphabetically superior to his older sister Audrie. As a journalism major he puts his research skills to work in the courtroom.

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Audrie Ford

Audrie Ford is a Pima Community College transfer looking forward to graduation in 2019, and a career in education not long after that. When not mocking, she can be found talking about her two cats Titan and Tilly, nursing a caffeine addiction like the rest of the lady eboard members, or working at the Thrive Center to the betterment of first generation college students (#FirstCats).

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Zach Hill

Joanna Jandali

Joanna Jandali is a junior at the University of Arizona Honors College majoring in Political Science and Law with a minor in Arabic. This is her third year on the UA Mock Trial team. She hopes to earn a JD to pursue a career in international law. For fun, Joanna enjoys long walks on the beach and drinking coffee.

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Isabel Johns

Isabel Johns is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Spanish and French. This is her second (and last!) year in the program. She’s a Virgo/Aries/Libra, and she hopes to go to law school in the fall of 2019 in order to become a defense attorney. Isabel’s interests include social & economic justice, as well as homemade habanero salsa. Will be attending University of Texas Law School in the fall.

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Rachel Kaplan

Rachel Kaplan is a freshman double majoring in Political Science and Law. Besides mock trial, she likes sleeping, birkenstocks, and Sprite!

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Erik Kluczkowski


Kevin Krotz

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Ben Levy

U of A Junior. History major, 2nd year mocker. “‘And when he had set fire to the torches, he let the foxes go into the standing grain of the Philistines and set fire to the stacked grain and the standing grain, as well as the olive orchards.’ (English Standard Version, Judges 15:5)”

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Jacob McGill

Jacob McGill is a junior at the university of Arizona honors college majoring in Economics and Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (PPEL) with a minor in mathematics. This will be his third year with the program. He doesn’t know if he wants to pursue a career in law or economics, so right now he’s just settling to see how his LSAT scores turn out. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, and embarrassing himself at board games.

Ryan Mendieta

Transfer student from Texas AM and who is currently studying to become a lawyer.

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Iliana Mercier

liana Mercier is a Law major with a Geography minor. She hopes to be a Criminal Attorney one day, but who knows how that will go. In her free time she enjoys...wait there is no free time in Mock Trial (but it is totally worth it).

Sonal Patel

Sonal Patel is a third year at the University of Arizona majoring in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Chinese. For fun she enjoys reading, music and outdoor activities.

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Alex Ponce

Sara Porter

Alexander Relich

Alexander Relich is a native of Tucson Arizona. He is a Junior this year, Majoring in Political Science, and this is his third year in the program. In his free time Alexander enjoys campaigning for political causes that are important to him.

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Naslie Rezaei

Evan Ridley

This is for what? The …. bios? So all of this will be put next to my name? … Can I start this over?

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Zoe Rounseville

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Sam Whitthorne

Sam is a freshman at the U of A Honors College majoring in History and PPEL (Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law). He has no previous mock trial experience, but has a few musicals under his belt. He has found that mock trial is exactly like musical theater, except there are no sudden dance numbers, the audience is tiny, and half the other actors are trying to make you look bad.

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Raad Sharrar

Raad Syed is in his fifth year at the University of Arizona majoring in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. People always ask him questions like "Will you ever graduate?" or "Why are you doing Mock Trial if you aren't entering law?" He still doesn't have a solid answer to either of these questions. In his free time he likes freestyle rapping, writing Yelp reviews, or shamelessly advertising his fire Spotify playlists.