The University of Arizona Mock Trial has had so many amazing members throughout the years, all of which have played an important role in shaping this program. 


2018-2019 Teams 

This year The University of Arizona Mock Trial had four teams that competed throughout the year. Two teams were able to directly advance from their regional tournaments, allowing them to compete in the Open Regional Championship Series (ORCS). One of our teams finished 5-3, narrowly missing a bid to the national championship tournament.


2019 Senior Spotlight

Below are all the amazing seniors who were part of the 2018-2019 season of this program. Thank you for all you have done and we cannot wait to see what you do in the future!

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Audrie Ford

Audrie Ford has competed with MTUA for two years and has been a model mocker for us all. She’s consistently proven to be one of our best and hardest-working attorneys. We’re going to miss her talents during competition, but we’re very excited for Audrie to come back as a mentor and conflict mediator for our program next year! Besides helping out UAMT, her future plans include surviving grad school and going on to work in academia. We’re so excited to see where Audrie’s path leads her, and we know she’ll accomplish great things!

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Adrian Ford

Adrian Ford has been with the program for the past two years as one of our program’s best double threats: he excelled as both a witness and attorney! Adrian’s background in theater made him an excellent and charismatic mocker. He’s won two All-National awards in his two years in the program! After graduating, Adrian wants to be a TV news anchor on a big network. We can’t wait to see him on TV someday!

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Claudia Drace

Claudia Drace has competed with UAMT for two years as an outstanding attorney and witness. She is graduating early this year with a double major in Law and Political science with Honors! Besides mock trial, Claudia spent her time at the UA as the captain of the women’s rugby team! After graduation, she will be moving to Washington, D.C. to intern at No Labels, a non-profit political organization that works on nonpartisan policy. We’re so proud of her amazing accomplishments and we know she’ll continue to do even more in the future!


Kaylee Nelson (Nellie)

Nellie is the most senior of all of our membership. She has been with the program for 5 years as a wonderful witness, attorney, and source of insight into mock trial itself! Nellie has been an amazing influence on newbie mockers over the years with her constant smile and mock trial savvy! Nellie is graduating with a BA in Psychology and plans to take a gap year and mentor for our program next year before going to law school! We’re sad we won’t be able to compete alongside Nellie anymore, but we can’t wait to have her back to mentor us in the fall!


Raad Syed

Raad Syed has been in our program for the last 3 years and has been an integral part of the program. Now that he has some more free time, he plans on finally finishing his mix tape and says that he “might mess around and get employed”. Besides being a great attorney and witness, Raad’s claim to fame is that he is the only mocker to spill shaving cream all over himself during a round and get perfect 10 ranks afterwards! We hope Raad carries that sense of fun with him and we can’t wait to see the amazing things he goes on to do!

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Isabel Johns

Isabel Johns competed with us for two years and has been an amazing and passionate member of our program as both an attorney and witness! She’s graduating this year with a B.A. in Political Science with minors in French and Spanish. In the fall, she’ll be taking her passion for Law to Texas to attend the University of Texas School of Law! We’re so proud of Isabel and excited to see where she from here!

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Joanna Jandali

Joanna Jandali competed with UAMT for three years, but she’s done mock trial for the past seven years! Her favorite memories of mock trial at the UA are competing at nationals, traveling across the country with her best friends, and hosting Gunslinger as this year’s Tournament Director. She plans to spend the next year working on her thesis and beginning work as an undergraduate research assistant for SGPP. Congratulations to Joanna for all of her accomplishments! We will miss her!

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Jacob McGill

Jacob McGill competed with the UA for three years as an amazing attorney and witness! Jacob says that mock trial was one of his best experiences in college! He’s met some amazing people in it and some of his best college memories have come from this club. He plans to do research with a professor in the Economics department over the summer, and after graduating he hopes to continue working as a research assistant. Eventually, Jacob plans to go to graduate school for economics! Jacob has had a great and lovable impact on this club and we will miss him!

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Kevin Krotz

Kevin has competed with UAMT for 3 years as an incredible attorney and witness. His latest claim to fame was getting a perfect 20 attorney ranks for an all-regional attorney award at the Colorado Springs AMTA tournament during the 2018-2019 season! In his free time, Kevin is a passionate activist pushing to have Philosophy recognized as a true STEM major (PSTEM). He is graduating this year with a BA in Philosophy, and will be attending the University of Virginia School of Law in the Fall of 2019! Kevin is anxious to sell his soul to corporate America, but we hope he retains some of his wonderful humanity that everyone in our club has come to love him for. We’ll miss you, Kevin!